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 Explore the 6 packages that Daniel offers for a wedding. Prices vary according to travel and time of week and year. Please make an enquiring for an accurate quote. Please specify the package if you make an enquiring. Do not hesitate to ask us to customise the price if you want bundle packages. Reviews are taken from Daniel's FaceBook account.Terms&Conditions apply. 



If you look for live music for your wedding ceremony then you are on the right point. Sax is a unique instrument and sound: a true expression of love. If you request a specific song for the "walking down the aisle" Daniel is happy to learn and record the song for you.

This package  includes sax music : 

  • while guests take seats:20-30 min

  • Bridal entrance 

  • During the signing of the register 

  • Bride and groom exit 

  • 10-15 min light background music after the ceremony. 

This package also includes:

  • learning and recording the aisle song 

  • My autographed album: "Favourite Covers" delivered to you

  • Full sound system.

  • Other 2 songs to learn. Any other songs request apart of my playlist are chargeable considering the time and effort.Term&Conditions apply 


Late afternoon 

If you want something different between the breakfast and evening reception before the evening entertainment when guests arrive in the evening then you are covered. Daniel will fulfil the atmosphere with his Pop-upbeat, funky and Ibiza style tunes. He will ensure everyone is having a good mood. 

The price list includes:

  • the full sound system+My autographed music album "favourite covers" delivered to you.Terms&conds apply


Drinks reception and Canapés

Sax music for drinks reception is a great choice you can have. Let your guests fully enjoy live music from a wedding sax player while they enjoy their chat and drinks. Whatever is acoustic, Pop, Jazz and chill-out tunes will be a treat for everyone. This package is very popular for the wedding. Daniel can provide a battery amp if there is no access to the power in case the performance is requested to be outside.

This package includes

  • the full sound system + My autographed album Favourite Covers delivered to you. Terms&Cond apply 


Evening reception

Now, Let's everyone party! Daniel is a big entertainer and a party lifter, a sax player who gets everyone moving...  Sax and DJ wedding package seems to be popular today for wedding entertainment. Having a saxophone for the evening is an ideal option if you want to have an Ibiza style and partying anthems music at your wedding. If you don't want sax and DJ package Daniel can easily mix my Ibiza and dancing playlist before the wedding if you want to pick the songs from the repertoire and customise your playlist. This package does not include the DJ. Daniel can easily play along with your DJ. Please submit a question if you require a Sax and DJ package from Daniel

This package includes:

  • the full sound system(playing without DJ) + The lights.

  • Learning 1 party song request

  • Delivering my album"Favourite covers"


We booked Dan to entertain our guests in the evening at our wedding and it was the best decision we made. Dan's unique style really set the dance floor alive. So many people commented on how fantastic he was. Thank you, Dan 



Eat, drink and listen to the sax music ... treat your guest with a royal taste. The solo saxophone player is a popular choice for the wedding breakfast reception.

Daniel can adjust the music loudness so your guest will feel comfortable and hear each other. If you want to have speeches between the sets then don't stress Daniel can provide a mic and handle between your the guests between his sets.                                                                                                                                                             

This package includes:

  • the full sound system & My autographed album "Favourite covers" delivered to you. Terms&conds apply

Live in a field 2019 . It’s still a grea

Piano / Sax and Piano 

There is always a perfect decision if you prefer something special like sax+piano for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception or breakfast. Daniel will play acoustic with his professional piano player. They will bring special vibes for your wedding and guests, they will love it. Romantic, love songs also pop music will be on the menu.Check the video when you click HERE for a video of san and piano demonstration.

The price includes:

  • The full sound system+My autographed music album.

  • learning the "aisle" song.

  • 1 songs to learn for the ceremony.Other requests are chargeable considering the time and effort. Terms&conditions apply

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