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Equipment and other information

  •  Daniel is a professional sax player and entertainer. He uses the high-class tech, musical gears and technique to provide the service and the performance to the high quality and level.

  • The price list for each package includes a full sound system which covers venue up to 200 people ( 1 powerful subwoofer and 2 speakers; any other devices ) +lights if applicable. In some cases, the prices may be lower for some packages. Full details see when you make an enquiring. Daniel uses this PA system and these lights: 


  2. 2 speakers  and a powerful

  3. subwoofer:  

  •  Daniel can provide a decent and powerful battery amp for any acoustic sessions ( for example, ceremony service, outdoor drinks reception where is not any electricity or banning to have any amplified music by the venue's policy…) 

  •  Each package price list does cover distance up to 20 miles range. £0.37 per mile is applicable after the 20 miles range. For example, if the total distance to the venue and back is 100 miles, The calculation would be as follow: 100 miles- 40 miles(include in the price)=60miles. 60miles x 0.37= £22.2 . So this price should be for the travel expenses for 100 miles distance along with the nominated package.

  • Daniel can learn "the aisle song" and record upon the request. This service includes the price of the ceremony. Also, Daniel can learn up to 2 songs apart of his playlist for the ceremony service, which includes in the price. Daniel can learn 1 song appart of his playlist If you prefer him to play any requested songs for the evening reception or any other event which includes in the price.  £15 will cost for an extra song, considering the time and effort. 

  • Daniel will deliver an autograph album: "Favourite covers" made by him if you buy any sax package.

  •  Daniel's equipment is PAD tested and insured and he has public liability insurance ( a copy can be provided for any necessities ) 


PA system and lights(not lighting) +tenor and alto sax

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