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Terms and Conditions: About Me

Terms and Conditions

Prior to the performance:

  • Daniel can learn "the aisle song" and record upon the request. This service includes the price of the ceremony. Daniel also can learn up to 2 songs apart of his playlist which includes in the price.  £15 for an extra song, considering the time and effort. 

  •  Parking space preferably closer to the venue to load and unload the equipment 

  • The agreement will be shown and transmissible to the client during the booking, or after the deposit has been paid.


  • The client has the right to cancel the agreement within 14 calendar days of the effective days. The deposit will be returned immediately to the client.

  • If the client cancels the agreement after the cancellation period:

  1.  30 days or more before the Event: the Client must give prior notice to be given by email. None of the Payment Balance is payable.  The Deposit is non-refundable.

  2. 21 to 29 days before the Event: the Client must give prior notice to be given by email. 50% of the Payment Balance will be due to pay to the performer.

  3.  20 days or fewer before the Event: the Client must give prior notice to be given by email.  The full Fees will be due to less the Deposit already paid (if applicable). The full fee balance is compensation for losses from having other bookings.


Deposit, Payments and booking:​

  • £85 deposit is required to secure the date. This will be discussed during the booking process. The deposit is NON-refundable unless client meets the terms and con conditions above in the cancellation section.

  • during the booking process, The Performer agrees that the full Fee is inclusive of all expenses, accommodations, holiday entitlements, travelling expenses to and from the Venue and covers any costs incurred by the Performer whatsoever, except as expressly provided in this Agreement.

  • Promptly after the performance or a month before the nominated event,  the Client will pay to the Performer any outstanding balance of the Fee in cash, money order, or online payment. The amount of the outstanding balance consists of the full fee minus the deposit which already has been paid.

  • After the deposit payment, the agreement will be transmissible to the client for checking all details and signing. The client has 14 days to make any changes.


Force Majeure:

  • Neither the Performer nor the Client will be held liable for any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement where such breach is due to any of the following: acts or regulations of public authorities, labour difficulties or strike, inclement weather, epidemic, interruption or delay of transportation service, acts of God, or any other legitimate cause beyond the reasonable control of the Performer and the Client. The agreement will be subject to alteration or cancellation by performer and client. By doing this the performer will not be liable for any cost suffered by the Client. The matter will be dealt with as a cancellation under the “Cancelation” section. A Notice of Force Majeure by either Party shall result in termination of this Agreement.

Sickness and accident:

  • If the performer can not perform for the day of the contracted day by any cause such as sickness, accident or any serious nature, the performer will give a replacement for the similar service and act, if the clients agree with this option. If there is not any solution or Failure to meet this obligation , the deposit and any outstanding balance will be returned to the client.

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