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Hi friends,

 I am happy to share my music album.

       I made this recording aiming to advertise and promote myself and my musical activity. Since now a year ago, I started recording and mastering the most favourite tracks in my home studio. I made an album called "Favourite covers". I decided to create a surprise for all of you who admire my work and want to listen to this album in your cars, through CD players or any other digital interfaces or just having a CD with my signature on it as a memory from me. 

     Please drop me a message if you want an AUTOGRAPHED CD signed by me .Also if you book me for any event you get a personalised CD delivered to you. Click here if you want a copy or to book me for your Wedding or any other event 

      Thank you and enjoy listening. 

Yours sincerely,


Favourite Covers

  •  Delivery will be made by Royal Mail 2nd Class or Royal Mail Interational for overseas delivery.

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